About Me

I am a forty-three year old second semester student at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, New York.  Shh, don’t tell anyone I am no pro. Soon enough my work will be perfect and you will know, I made it.

I started my college degree in e-commerce thinking that someday I may build websites;  well I was wrong. My first programming class was Java, with the help of my son I aced the class right up to the end; however, when it come time to take the final I was completely lost. I could do it step by step, but put that stuff all together and I was muddled. I thank God I still passed the class with a B+, but I knew it was not going to be for me way before the end of the semester.

At the same time I was taking my entry level English class, it was not English 101 so much as a entry class into English 101.  They wanted me to start with 101, but I had been out of school for so many years I needed the refresher of confidence to get me started. I worked our way through every assignment. I believe during the semester we did five or six essays and each time my teacher seemed just a little more excited to read the next thing I had to say. Through my writings I earned a certain respect from her. I would even call it a friendship. I started to realize not only the power of words, but also the power of my words. I fell in love with my ability to send a statement through a piece of paper and ink or a web page and text. My love for my English class more than my failure in my Java class was my decision to change my major to something that I may be able to move forward doing some kind of writing in; New Media is my major. My teacher liked me so much she recommended that I take English 101 honors.

This blog originated through my English 101 class as more of an experiment through the class. I believe I will probably keep going after class is over. Through my writings I have discovered there are many different sides to me and my life. I am a mother, a friend, soon to be a wife, a truck driver, a metal scrapper, and so on. My life is affected by cancer, epilepsy, learning disabilities, poverty, and diabetes; however, it is not controlled by any of these things, and again the list goes on and on. So I think in the end this will be a blog all about me and my stories, however, for now it is a English 101 honors class blog. You will see my assignments as well as some of my stories on here. You can visit my teacher and classmates through the links off to the side.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. That sounds so cool! Going into college thinking you will be building websites , but ending up walking down a different path, to English! I love that you recognize the many persons you are, is must be difficult having to put different ‘hats’ on when fulfilling so many different roles.

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