Living In A Trailer Park Is The Pitts

If you don’t mind my rant. I am really frustrated today.

The very first day we was moving into this house there was a waterbed in the master bedroom that needed to be drained and removed. So we ran a hose out the window of the house and was draining that bed.That afternoon I was in the bedroom trying to clean up things around it when I saw that hose go flying out the window. Thinking some kid was goofing around out there I said to my fiance “someone just tore the hose to the waterbed out the window, let’s go see what is going on.” We went out and walked around the house and found the hose and a brick we had laying on top of it to hold it in place laying in our back yard.

Confused, we picked the hose up and started to feed it back into the window and placed the brick back onto the hose. The neighbor on that side of our house opened her front door and said “you are f****** slobs keep your junk on your own lot and get that out of there.” Steve and I just stood there staring at each other not sure what to do because first off three foot on that side of the trailer is our lot. Secondly, it was the only place we could drain the bed to. We just continued.

A few minutes later the boys pulled up with the next load of stuff and parked in the street in front of their lot while they come in to get me to move a vehicle (we had three cars and two parking spots and they could not get in). When I got outside with the keys to the car the gentleman next door was screaming at the boy’s to moved the truck. “Really!” I said “there is no one here bothering you people. What is your problem?” We went ahead and backed the truck into the driveway and started unloading. And the police pull up. Fully aware that these people were being jerks they asked us to keep the peace and keep our truck out from in front of their lot. “I guess there is some gorgeous view you are blocking.” he said sarcastically. I was humored and agreed to do my best. But the problems continued.

My boy’s were playing hacky sack out in the road one day when she come out and screamed at them to stay out of the road in front of her house. When we would go outside they would insults us. And all winter long he shoveled his entire yard into my driveway. Toward the end of February I finally called the park and complained. I hated involving them. I felt like a little kid being a tattle tail. But I was buried in and could no longer get my cars in the driveway. A few hours later the park owner was here checking out the pile of snow they had built up in my driveway and knocking on the neighbors door. I don’t know what happen between him and the neighbors; however, before he left he put post in between our lots and the neighbors did stop what they was doing.

Now my problem is on the other side. Last week we was outside at about one in the afternoon and we was cutting lengths of wood to create my door. When the phone rings it was the park owner. “Liz you have to be aware of what you are doing your making a lot of noise over there and your neighbor is complaining.”

“What!” I said “We all knew this house needed work and you are accommodating my neighbors complaint at 1pm.”

“Well Liz, are you aware that your neighbor is a night worker?” he said.

“No I wasn’t aware, but I am a day worker. I go to school, I have a sick father I am trying to help. When exactly do you expect me to do what needs to be done around here?”

“Use your common sense and keep the noise down!” he says.

To be quite honest my common sense tells me that 1pm is a great time to do these things. The truth is that neighbor is probably my only neighbor that works the night shift and there will be many more people complaining if I try doing this at night. Not only that but when do I sleep if I wait til he is not home. So I asked him when would be a good time I can make some noise. Saturday’s he tells me.

Saturday is the one day of the week I make my best money at work and I would never get this place fixed up if I only did repairs on Saturday’s. I paid $6000 for this home and it is not my home. I still have to pay $400 a month for lot rent and I can’t fix my house without complaints. How I wish I had the money to pick up and move my house onto a piece of land someplace.

Today, I fully intend on hanging my new door. I am going to make noise for the saw has to run. I will wait til at lease 11am and before that I intend on cleaning up my lot. Maybe I am being over sensitive, but I fear this is going to get me evicted and I can’t take my house with me, it is ridiculous to be quite honest. Oh, and this neighbor that is complaining now is the same neighbor that will raise you out of bed at 6am with his music so loud your walls are vibrating. And I never complain. I guess what they say “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” is true.

If I could say one thing to my neighbors this is what it would be. “You are no better then me. You have to live in a small space the same way I do. Don’t you think we might as well tolerate each other and at least allow each other to live life? And if that didn’t work I would be just a little more blunt. “You live down here in the ghetto just like I do, get over yourself!”

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4 Responses to Living In A Trailer Park Is The Pitts

  1. MiMi says:

    I feel your frustration. Inhale and exhale. The nerve of some folks! Good luck today 🙂

  2. lcrilley says:

    WOW! Your frustration comes through loud and clear. . . in fact, I”m feeling tense just reading your post. I wonder, where is the silver lining in this VERY dark cloud?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks sometimes that is how I feel. It is not much but it is my home and I have to make it last the rest of my life. I feel like no one understands that. But there is a silver lining I am getting it done anyways and I am proud of the surrounding I am creating. Thanks for commenting. Have a Happy Happy Easter.

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