Off The Grid

My last homework assignment in writing class was to practice a profile essay. Each students teamed up in groups of two and we interviewed each other on something that was unique about that person. I got the glory of doing a profile on the teacher and he did one on me.

Curt Nehring-Bliss wanted to show that is was possible to live your life off the grid and power your house only on natural energy. However, that is only a small portion of the reason he chooses to use natural energy. 

Curt feels he is doing his part to help to conserve our planet because our system for powering our homes uses nuclear power. Natural energy has a lower impact on our planet is in much healthier to the environment. On top of that because he is off the grid he is unaffected by power outages.

Curt says it is a little different lifestyle when you live on natural energy. For example he can not use any kind of appliance that uses heat. They make toast in a skillet, and make coffee and tea by heating water in a pot. They dry clothing in a propane dryer, and heats his home with wood. They also need to be cautious of how much power the other appliances and their television set uses. They focus on making sure they stick with items that have the energy star symbol.

Even when the sun does not shine Curt is still able to power his house by using a battery storage system that uses golf cart batteries. His storage will power his house for up to a week just from the storage; however, in the event that we have some extreme weather he also has a back up power generator that runs on gasoline.

It is obvious that he has not chosen this lifestyle because money is a issue. The cost of setting up this system is between ten and fifteen thousand dollars. He also has to replace his battery back up system every five to ten years and that runs him around five thousand dollars. Also because he lives off the grid there are certain tax benefits he is not eligible for. Curt did state that he purchased his solar panels used to save some money and purchased his generator while it was on sale. He also stated that in the long run this system will save him money. However, it is clear that he has chosen to live off the grid because it what is healthy for our planet. I think Curt deserves a pat on the back for doing his part in keeping our environment safe and clean.

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