If I Could Turn Back Time

The daily prompt today says ~ If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of your life would you return to? Why?   

Yesterday morning I woke up and was checking out my facebook feed when I found a post my son had shared. Somehow he had wandered onto my ex-husbands page. It was simple curiosity that took him there, I am sure. Anyways, he scrolled a good bit down his page and found a post he had made about how he had hit his ex-wife one time because she was a seriously bi-polar person that would not come to her senses. It angered my son when he saw that post and he quickly responded by sharing the status and attaching his own side of the story.

I spent ten years of my life standing between my husband and my son. In my mind I was protecting my son. The truth is it only built up more resentment because it angered my husband that I would not stand on his side and support him as he called my son names  and belittled him day after day. 95% of our arguments centered around my son and they were daily fights. The other 5% were because he called me names, my pet name was three hundred and fifty pound fat sow.

From the outside we looked like a great family we had a nice home two nice cars, and we was always dressed stylishly but the truth is behind closed doors was the pits of hell and Charles was Satan himself.

Charles was a rebound relationship after I had split up with my son’s dad. No one could have ever filled the shoes of Anthony’s dad and I think Charles knew that even though I never did or never would have said that to him. I fell in love with Charles but when I started dating him the furthest thing from my mind was getting serious with anyone again. I was simply still very much in love with Steve, Anthony’s dad.

I married Charles six months after meeting him and it ended in divorce just shy of ten years later when I entered my living room just in time to see my son dodge a closed fist swing to the face. Charles then grabbed my son and a belt was violently holding him by the arm and beating the belt on the stand as he was verbally threatening his life. That was the end of the marriage. I grabbed my son and we went to the police station and had him arrested I just could not take it anymore. An order of protection was put over his head and he was not allowed to return to my house again.  Within the month he was heading back to Florida to stay with his mother.

Today, I am back with Anthony’s real father and things are wonderful between us all. If I could turn back time I may not have ever left.


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