Green Eyed Monster Jealousy

The daily prompt today says ~ We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?

As I believe I have already stated I am a second semester college student. I go to school with my daughter-n-law and my son and we take many of our classes together. We take these classes together because I have a learning disability and anytime we can set down together and do our work (especially anything I have to read) it helps me. We rotate reading our assignments out loud together because hearing what is read makes it easier for me to understand. Also when I am reading out loud those words I get wrong someone can correct me and that also helps me.

I spend hours every single week studying, I pay attention in class, I do every single homework assignment. I ask for help when I need it and I study til I feel I can get it right. Many times by the next day it is like someone has erased my brain.

If I had to say I was jealous of anything I would say it is my son and his wife. They do little studying at home. My son has been known to sleep through Macroeconomics and when test time comes still get a 90% on the test. My daughter-n-law has been known to doodle all the way through class and still get a 98% on the test. I just can’t do that and I still struggle to keep my grades at B- in Macroeconomics and Statistics. Yes, even in Statistics my reading abilities can heavily affect me.  My goal is to at least reach a B in each class by the end of the semester.

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